Eric Meslin

Eric M. Meslin is President and CEO of the Council of Canadian Academies, founding Director of the Indiana University Center for Bioethics, Professor of Medicine, of Medical & Molecular Genetics, of Bioethics and Law, of Public Health, and of Philosophy. He is also an Invited Scholar in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge and at the Centre of Genomics and Policy.

Prior to Indiana, he was Bioethics Research Director of the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) program at the U.S. National Human Genome Research Institute, and then Executive Director of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission appointed by then President Bill Clinton. In 2015 he was appointed Vice-Chair of the UK Biobank Ethics and Governance Council. Among his honours, Dr. Meslin is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and a Chevalier de L’Ordre Nationale du Mérite (Knight of the National Order of Merit) for his contributions to French bioethics policy. His work as an Invited Scholar in the CGP focuses on projects related to regenerative medicine.