Anjie Ni

Anjie holds a B.Sc.Hon. in Psychology and is currently a third-year PhD Candidate in Human Genetics at McGill University. She is funded by the CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award and conducts her PhD thesis project at The Neuro in the Rare Neurodevelopmental Disorder Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Carl Ernst. Her thesis project aims at understanding different factors that determine the midbrain dopaminergic cell fate early in development. She utilizes human induced pluripotent stem cells in her research, and it is through her work with stem cells and being involved with the International Society for Stem Cell Research that Anjie developed an interest in policy surrounding stem cell-based therapies. At the CGP, under the supervision of Prof. Ma’n Zawati, her internship project will focus on the regulation of stem cell therapies, with a particular interest in understanding how autologous stem cell therapies can be better regulated in Canada.