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Hanshi Liu

Master's student

Hanshi is pursuing a master’s degree in Human Genetics with a concentration in Bioethics, being supervised by Professor Yann Joly. He is interested in new legal and ethical challenges raised by the development of recent medical and scientific advances in the field of Health. His master's thesis is a comprehensive review and analysis of ethical challenges and considerations surrounding the use of population descriptors such as race, ethnicity, and ancestry in genetics research. Particularly, he is interested in how to reconcile the tensions between the benefits of genetic research participation and their potential harms for both individuals and communities. 

At the CGP, his primary research focuses on data sharing in the omic sciences, and the privacy and ethical issues associated with it. Hanshi has been involved in numerous projects at the Centre, from the Canadian COVID Genomics Consortium (CanCOGeN), D-PATH, the International Human Epigenetic Consortium, various Data Access Committees, and the Secure Data for Health initiative.