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Stanislav Birko

Academic Associate

Stanislav Birko completed their undergraduate studies (B.Sc.) in mathematics and philosophy at McGill University. After a few years as research assistant at the Centre of Genomics and Policy, they got a master’s (M.A.) in bioethics from the University of Montreal, and is now a doctoral candidate in the same programme under the supervision of Prof. Vardit Ravitsky and Dre. Anne-Marie Laberge. Stanislav joins the CGP under the supervision of Prof. Ma’n Zawati as an academic associate with an interest in feminist bioethics, disability studies and gen-ethics. Their doctoral thesis approaches ethical questions surrounding selective reproductive technologies within the context of modernist eugenic projects, conceiving of health / illness / disease / dis/ability relationally, through nonrepresentationalist onto-ethico-epistemologies that queer and crip taken-for-granted dualisms such as nature/culture, human/nonhuman, organism/environment, medical/nonmedical, consent/coercion. Stanislav is section editor at the Canadian Journal of Bioethics and coordinator of the International Association of Bioethics.

RESEARCH AREAS: reproductive ethics, feminist bioethics, disability studies, ethics of genomics, relationality, new materialisms, (post)qualitative ‘methodologies’