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Author(s) Dove E.S., Townend D., Meslin E.M., Bobrow M., Littler K., Nicoll D., de Vries J., Junker A., Garattini C., Bovenberg J., Shabani M., Lévesque E., Knoppers B.M.
Title Ethics review for international data-intensive research

(2016) 351:6280 Science, 1399

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Author(s) Boccia S., McKee M., Adany R., Boffetta P., Burton H., Cambon-Thomsen A., Cornel M.C., Gray M., Jani A., Knoppers B.M., Khoury M.J., Meslin E.M., Van Duijn C.M., Villari P., Zimmern R., Cesario A., Puggina A., Colotto M., Ricciardi W.
Title Beyond public health genomics: proposals from an international working group

(2014) European Journal of Public Health, doi:10.1093/eurpub/cku142, 1

Author(s) Caulfield T., Burningham S., Joly Y., Master Z., Shabani M., Borry P., Becker A., Burgess M., Calder K., Critchley C., Edwards K., Fullerton S.M., Gottweis H., Hyde-Lay R., Illes J., Isasi R., Kato K., Kaye J., Knoppers B.M., Lynch J., McGuire A., Meslin E. [...] Zawati, M.H.
Title A review of the Key Issues Associated with the Commercialization of Biobanks

(2014) 1:1 Journal of Law and the Biosciences, 94

Author(s) Kosseim P., Dove E.S., Baggaley C., Meslin E.M., Cate F.H., Kaye J., Harris J.R., Knoppers B.M.
Title Building a Data Sharing Model for Global Genomic Research

 (2014) 15:8 Genome Biology, 1


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Author(s) Kaye J., Meslin E.M., Knoppers B.M., Juengst E.T., Deschênes M., Cambon-Thomsen A., Chalmers D., DeVries J., Edwards K., Hoppe N., Kent A., Adebamowo C., Marshall P., Kato K.
Title Research Priorities. ELSI 2.0 for Genomics and Society
Reference (2012) 336:6082 Science, 673

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Author(s) Burke W., Burton H., Hall A.E., Karmali M., Khoury M.J., Knoppers B.M., Meslin E.M., Stanley F., Wright C.F., Zimmern R.L.
Title Extending the reach of public health genomics: What should be the agenda for public health in an era of genome-based and "personalized" medicine?

(2010) 12:12 Genetics in Medicine, 785

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Author(s) Caulfield T., McGuire A.L., Cho M., Buchanan J.A., Burgess M.M., Danilczyk U., Diaz C.M., Fryer-Edwards K., Green S.K., Hodosh E.T., Kaye J., Kedes L., Knoppers B.M., Lemmens T., Meslin E.M., Murphy J., Nussbaum R.L., Otlowski M., Pullman D., Ray P.N., Sugarman J., Timmons M.
Title Research Ethics Recommendations for Whole-Genome Research: Consensus Statement

(2008) 6:3 PloS Biology, 0430

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