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Claude Laberge


Author(s) EL-Bikai R., Tahir M.R., Tremblay J., Joffres M., Šeda O., Šedová L., Awadalla P., Laberge C., Knoppers B.M., Dumas P, Gaudet D., Ste-Marie L.G., Hamet P.
Title Association of age-dependent height and bone mineral density decline with increased arterial stiffness and rate of fractures in hpertensive individuals

(2015) 33:4 Journal of Hypertension, 727

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Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Leroux T., Doucet H., Godard B., Laberge C., Stanton-Jean M., Fortin S., Cousineau J., Monardes C., Girard N., Lévesque L., Durand C., Farmer Y., Dion-Labrie M., Bouthillier M.-E., Avard D.
Title Framing Genomics, Public Health Research and Policy: Points to Consider

(2010) 13:4 Public Health Genomics, 224

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Author(s) Avard D., Borry P., Laberge C.M.
Title Newborn Screening Research: Current Challenges
Reference Pediatric Research in Canada (Montreal: Les Editions Themis, 2009)

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Laberge C.
Title Return of Accurate and Actionable Results: Yes
Reference (2009) 9:6-7: AJOB, 107

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Author(s) Godard B., Marshall J., Laberge C.
Title Community Engagement in Genetic Research: Results of the First Public Consultation for the Quebec CARTaGENE Project
Reference (2007) 10:3 Community Genet., 147

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Author(s) Avard D., Vallance H., Greenberg C., Laberge C., Kharaboyan L., Plant M.
Title Variability in the Storage and Use of Newborn Dried Bloodspots in Canada: Is it Time for National Standards?
Reference (2006) 2:3 Genomics, Society and Policy, 80

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Author(s) Laberge C., Kharaboyan L., Avard D.
Title Newborn Screening, Banking and Consent.
Reference (2004) 2:3 GenEdit, 1-15 

Author(s) Laberge C., Kharaboyan L., Avard D.
Title Dépistage des nouveau-nés, consentement, et mise en banque
Reference (2004) 2:3 GenEdit, 1-17 

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