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Erika Kleiderman


Author(s) Bubela T., Kleiderman E., Master Z., Ogbogu U. et al. (including Knoppers B.M.)
Title Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act: Pragmatic reforms in support of research

 (2019) 6 Frontiers in Medicine, 157

Author(s) Kleiderman E.
Title The regulation of human germline genome modification in Canada

(2019) In A. Boggio, J. Almqvist & C. P. R. Romano (Eds.), Human germline genome modification and the right to science: A comparative study of national laws and policies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Author(s) Kleiderman E. & Ogbogu U.
Title Realigning gene editing with clinical research ethics: What the “CRISPR twins” debacle means for Chinese and international research ethics governance

 (2019) 26:4 Accountability in Research, 257-264

Author(s) Kleiderman E. & Stedman I.
Title Human germline genome editing is illegal in Canada, but could it be desirable for some members of the rare disease community?

 (2019) Journal of Community Genetics, doi: 0.1007/s12687-019-00430-x

Author(s) Kleiderman E., Ravitsky V. & Knoppers B.M.
Title ‘Serious’ factor—a relevant starting point for further debate: A response

 (2019) Journal of Medical Ethics, doi: 10.1136/medethics-2019-105832

Author(s) Kleiderman E., Ravitsky V., Knoppers B.M.
Title The ‘serious’ factor in germline modification

 (2019) Journal of Medical Ethics, doi: 10.1136/medethics-2019-105436.

Author(s) Kleiderman E., Thompson R., Boily A., Borry P. et al. (including Knoppers B.M.)
Title Doping controls and the "mature minor" elite athlete: Towards clarification?

 (2019) International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, doi: 10.1080/19406940.2019.1680416

Author(s) Knoppers B.M. & Kleiderman E.
Title Heritable genome editing: Who speaks for “future” children?

 (2019) 2:5 The CRISPR Journal, 285-292

Author(s) Knoppers B.M. & Kleiderman E.
Title "CRISPR babies": What does this mean for science and Canada?

 (2019) 191:4 Canadian Medical Association Journal, E91-E92

Author(s) Middleton A., Milne R., Howard H., Niemec E. et al. (including Kleiderman E. and Thorogood A.)
Title Members of the public in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia expressing genetic exceptionalism say they are more willing to donate their genomic data

 (2019) European Journal of Human Genetics, doi: 10.1038/s41431-019-0550-y

Author(s) Milne R., Morley K.I., Howard H., Niemiec E. et al. (including Thorogood A. & Kleiderman E.)
Title Trust in genomic data sharing among members of the general public in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia

 (2019) Human Genetics, doi: 10.1007/s00439-019-02062-0.

Author(s) Ravitsky V., Nguyen M.T., Birko S., Kleiderman E. et al. (including Knoppers B.M.)
Title Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD): The road forward in Canada

 (2019) 41:1 Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, 68-71

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Author(s) Kleiderman E., Boily A., Hasilo C., Knoppers B.M.
Title Overcoming barriers to facilitate the regulation of multi-centre regenerative medicine clinical trials

 (2018) 9:1 Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 307-315

Author(s) Kleiderman E., Boily A., Knoppers B.M.
Title Genetically enhanced minors: Whose responsibility?

 (2018) 18:6 The American Journal of Bioethics, 24-26

Author(s) Kleiderman E., Pack A., Borry P., Zawati M.H.
Title The author who wasn’t there? Fairness and attribution in publications following access to population biobanks

(2018) 13:3 PLoS ONE, e0194997

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Nguyen M.T., Noohi F., Kleiderman E.
Title L’ingénierie ciblée du génome humain: considérations éthiques et politiques

Document d'orientation politique (Montréal: Génome Québec, 2018)

Author(s) Middleton A., Milne R., Thorogood A., Kleiderman E., et al.
Title Attitudes of publics who are unwilling to donate DNA data for research

 (2018) European Journal of Medical Genetics, doi: 10.1016/j.ejmg.2018.11.014

Author(s) Middleton A., Niemiec E., Prainsack B., Bobe J., et al. (including Kleiderman E. and Thorogood A.)
Title 'Your DNA, Your Say': global survey gathering attitudes toward genomics: design, delivery and methods

 (2018) 15:4 Personalized Medicine, 311-318

Author(s) Ogbogu U., Zarzeczny A., Baltz J., Bedford P., et al. (including Kleiderman E., Nguyen M.T., Noohi F. and Knoppers B.M.)
Title Research on human embryos and reproductive materials: Revisiting Canadian law and policy

 (2018) 13:3 Healthcare Policy, 10-19

Author(s) Thorogood A., Bobe J., Prainsack B., Middleton A., et al. (including Kleiderman E.)
Title APPLaUD: access for patients and participants to individual level uninterpreted genomic data

 (2018) 12:7 Human Genomics

Author(s) Touré S.B., Kleiderman E., Knoppers B.M.
Title Bridging stem cell research and medicine: a learning health system

 (2018) 13:6 Regenerative Medicine, 741-752

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Author(s) Illes J., Sipp D., Kleiderman E., Benjaminy S., et al.
Title A blueprint for the next generation of ELSI research, training, and outreach in regenerative medicine

 (2017) 2:1 npj Regenerative Medicine, 21

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Isasi R., Caulfield T., Kleiderman E., et al.
Title Human Gene Editing: Revisiting Canadian Policy

 (2017) 2:3 npj Regenerative Medicine, 1

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Leader A., Hume S., Shoubridge E.A., et al. (including Noohi F. and Kleiderman E.)
Title Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy: The Road to the Clinic in Canada

(2017) 39:10 Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, 916  

Author(s) Nicol D., Eckstein L., Morrison M., Sherkow J. S., et al. (including Kleiderman E.)
Title Key Challenges in Bringing CRISPR-mediated Somatic Cell Therapy into the Clinic

(2017) 9:1 Genomic Medicine, 85

Author(s) Rahimzadeh V., Sénécal K., Kleiderman E., Knoppers B.M.
Title Minors and incompetent adults: A tale of two populations

 Neuroethics: Anticipating the Future (New York: Oxford University Press, 2017)

Author(s) So D., Kleiderman E., Touré S.B., Joly Y.
Title Disease Resistance and the Definition of Genetic Enhancement

 (2017) 8 Frontiers in Genetics, 40

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Author(s) Isasi R., Kleiderman E., Knoppers B.M.
Title Editing Policy to Fit the Genome?

(2016) 351:6271 Science, 337

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Author(s) Kleiderman E., Avard D., Besso A., Ali-Khan S., et al.
Title Disclosure of incidental findings in cancer genomic research: investigators' perceptions on obligations and barriers

(2015) 88:4 Clinical Genetics, 320-326

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Author(s) Kleiderman E., Knoppers B.M., Fernandez C.V., Boycott K.M., et al. (including Avard D.)
Title Returning incidental findings from genetic research to children: views of parents of children affected by rare diseases

(2014) 40:10 Journal of Medical Ethics, 691-696

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Author(s) McClellan K.A., Kleiderman E., Black L., Bouchard K., et al. (including Knoppers B.M. and Avard D.)
Title Exploring Resources for Intrafamilial Communication of Cancer Genetic Risk: We Still Need to Talk

(2013) 21:9 European Journal of Human Genetics, 903-910

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Author(s) Kleiderman E., Avard D., Black L., Diaz Z., ar al. (including Knoppers B.M.)
Title Recruiting Terminally Ill Patients into Non-Therapeutic Oncology Studies: Views of Health Professionals

(2012) 13:1 BMC Medical Ethics, 33

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