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Katherine Huerne


Author(s) Huerne K., Palmour N., Wu A., Beck S., Berner A., Siebert R., Joly Y.
Title Auditing the Editor: A Review of Key Translational Issues in Epigenetic Editing

5:2 (2022) The CRISPR Journal, 1-10

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Author(s) Joly Y., Huerne K., Arych M., Bombard Y., De Paor A., Dove E.S., Granados Moreno P., Ho C.W.L., Ho C.H., Hoyweghen I.V., Kim H., Lebret A., Minssen T., Cathaoir K.O., Prince A.E.R., Nair A.P.S., Otlowski M., Pepper M.S., Sladek R., Song L., Voigt T.H., Zawati M.H., Dalpé G.
Title The Genetic Discrimination Observatory: confronting novel issues in genetic discrimination

37:11 (2021) Trends in Genetics, 951-954.


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