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Ida Ngueng Feze

Academic Associate

Ms. Ida Ngueng Feze is an Academic Associate at the Centre of Genomics and Policy (CGP) at McGill University and a lawyer member of the New York Bar. Her research projects at the CGP deal with the applications of novel biotechnologies in the health and environmental contexts. 

In terms of health applications, her work focuses on the ethical, legal and social implications of the collection, access and uses of genomic data by third parties (i.e. insurers, employers, private parties, governmental agencies such as law enforcement and immigration, etc.). She has published a number of studies in this area, including co-authoring the first systematic review on the evidence of genetic discrimination in the context of life insurance (BMC ethics, 2013). She has been conducting ethical and legal research on the use of genetic data (and risk assessment) and genetic discrimination on a number of projects including several large-scale genomic projects in contexts including cancer and diabetes. She is also a member of the board of directors of the ROSE Network, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to provide information and support to patients and their family members affected or at risk of developing breast cancer. She is a member of the African Society of Human genetics and previously served as a member of the research ethics board of the Montreal General Hospital.
In the environmental context, she provides expertise on the ethical, environmental, legal and social aspects of the applications of novel (genomics) biotechnologies in contexts such as water governance (water quality and metagenomics), precision food safety and precision agriculture (gene-edited and genetically modified plants). She was one of the lead legal experts in the Applied metagenomics of the watershed project, a 4 year large-scale project that assessed the use of metagenomics to improve water quality. She is currently part of the legal team working on the Salmonella Syst-OMICS consortium, a project aiming to reduce the burden presented by Salmonellosis.
In addition to her research responsibilities, Ms. Ngueng Feze is a guest lecturer at the University of Montreal and Laval University where she teaches course sessions in French on the ethical and legal aspects of research involving genetics and pharmacogenetics/pharmacogenomics.

Comparative law and policy, Biotechnology law, Data access and sharing, Genetic discrimination, Environmental law, Microbiological methods, Water governance, Qualitative research, Precision food safety, Food safety policy and regulation, novel plant varieties, ELSI in genomics, GE3LS