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Emmanuelle Lévesque

Academic Associate

Emmanuelle Lévesque is a lawyer and a member of the Québec Bar. She holds a Masters of law (specializing in biotechnology, law and society) from the University of Montreal and an LL.B. from Laval University. Her masters thesis is an analysis of the protections offered by the Canadian Charter and the Québec Charter against genetic discrimination in the workplace.

Emmanuelle works at the Centre of Genomics and Policy of McGill University. She specializes in questions concerning ethical and legal issues in health research, particularly in biomedical and genetic research. Over the past several years, she advises researchers about the ethical and legal issues raised by the deployment of their projects, especially about the development and the framework of biobanks. She works on projects conducted in Quebec, in the rest of Canada and overseas. She published several publications and held conferences on different ethical and legal issues raised by research.

Biobanks, Biomedical Research, Cancer Research, Ethical Review, Ethics, Law