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Ma'n H. Zawati


Author(s) Dummer T.J.B., Awadalla P., et al. (including Knoppers B.M., Zawati M.)
Title The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project: a pan-Canadian platform for research on chronic disease prevention

(2018) 109:23 Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), E710-E717.

Author(s) Kirby E., Tassé A.M., Ma’n H. Zawati M., Knoppers B.M.
Title L’accès et le partage de l’information par les chercheurs en génomique

 Document d’orientation politique (Montréal: Génome Québec, 2018).

Author(s) Kirby E., Tassé A.M., Zawati M., Knoppers B.M.
Title Data Access and Sharing by Researchers in Genomics

 (Montréal: Génome Québec, March 2018).

Author(s) Kleiderman E., Pack A., Borry P., Zawati M.H.
Title The author who wasn’t there? Fairness and attribution in publications following access to population biobanks

(2018) 13:3 PLoS ONE, e0194997.

Author(s) Lang M., Zawati M.H.
Title The App Will See You Now: Mobile Health, Diagnosis, and the Practice of Medicine in Quebec and Ontario

 (2018) Journal of Law and the Biosciences, 1-32.

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Joly Y., Knoppers B.M.
Title L’autonomie basée sur l’individualisme libéral : les limites dans le contexte des biobanques populationnelles

in Hervé C, eds., Mélanges, (2018), 279-293.


Author(s) Zawati M.H., Tassé A.M., Mendy M., Caboux E., Lang M.
Title Barriers and Opportunities in Consent and Access Procedures in Low- and Middle-Income Country Biobanks: Meeting Notes from the BCNet Training and General Assembly

(2018) Biopreservation and Biobanking, 10.1089/bio.2017.0081.

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Author(s) Moore S., Tassé A.M., Thorogood A., Winship I., Zawati M. & Doerr M.
Title A Systemic Review of Consent Processes for Mobile App Mediated Research

JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 5(8).

Author(s) Pupavac M., Zawati M.H., Rosenblatt D.S.
Title A RaDiCAL gene hunt

Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences, 2017. 12(3): 194-198.


Author(s) Zawati M.H., Lang M.
Title Biobank donors and the concept of benefit: time for reciprocity

(2017) 4:2 J of Law and Biosciences, 371-376.

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Author(s) Clayton E.W., Zawati M.H.
Title Chapter 6 - Legal Aspects of Health Applications of Genomics

 Genomics and Society - Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Socioeconomic Implications (London: Elsevier, 2016)


Author(s) Ghaly M, Sadoun E, Alkuraya F, Fakhro K, Zawati M.H., Ismail S & Ben-Omran T
Title Genomics in the Gulf Region and Islamic Ethics

A Special Report in Collaboration with the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Nguyen M.T., Sénécal K., Tassé A.M., Zawati M.H.
Title Next-Generation Sequencing and the Return of Results

Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Sénécal K., Boisjoli J., Borry P., Cornel M.C., Fernandez C.V., Grewal J., Holm I.A., Nelson E., Pinxten W., Shabani M., Tassé A.M., Zawati M.H., Wright Clayton E, on behalf of the P3G International Paediatric Research Platform
Title Recontacting Pediatric Research Participants for Consent When They Reach the Age of Majority

(2016) 38:6 IRB: Ethics and Human Research, 1

Author(s) Salman S., Vardatsikos G., Avard D., Palmour N., Dewar K. & Zawati M.H.
Title FMT Happens: Regulating Fecal Microbiota Therapy in Canada; What you Need to Know

(2016) 8:1 World Medical & Health Policy, 95-106

Author(s) Szego M.J., Zawati, M.H.
Title Whole Genome Sequencing as a Genetic Test for Autism Spectrum Disorder: From Bench to Bedside and then Back Again

 J Can Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2016 Spring; 25(2): 116–121.


Author(s) Thorogood A., Zawati M.H.
Title International Guidelines for Privacy in Genomic Biobanking (Or the Unexpected Virtue of Pluralism)

 (2016) 43 Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, Special Issue, 690-702.

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Knoppers B.M.
Title Population Biobanks and the Principle of Reciprocity

Hainault P, Vaught J, Pasterk M and Zatlookal K, eds., Biobanking of Human Specimens, (New York: Springer, 2016).


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Author(s) Bertier G., Zawati M.H., Joly Y.
Title The Role of Whole Genome and Whole Exome Sequencing in Preventive Genomic Sequencing Programs

 (2015) 15:7 Am. J. Bioethics, 22


Author(s) Boycott K., Hartley T., Adam S., Bernier F., Chong K., Fernandez B.A., Friedman J.M., Geraghty M.T., Hume S., Knoppers B.M., Laberge A.-M., Majewski J., Mendoza-Londono R., Meyn M.S., Michaud J.L., Nelson T.N., Richer J., Sadikovic B., Skidmore D.L., Stockley T., [...] Zawati M.H., et al
Title The clinical application of genome-wide sequencing for monogenic diseases in Canada: Position Statement of the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists

(2015) 52:7 Journal of Medical Genetics, 431

Author(s) Dove E.S., Zawati M.H.
Title Amendments to the Civil Code of Québec's Research Provisions: A Legislative Comment

(2015) 8:1 McGill JL & Health 79


Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Zawati M.H., Sénécal K.
Title Return of genetic testing results in the era of whole-genome sequencing

(2015) 16:9 Nature Reviews Genetics, 553


Author(s) Thorogood A., Zawati M.H.
Title International Guidelines for Privacy in Genomic Biobanking (or the Unexpected Virtue of Pluralism)

(2015) 43:4 Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, 690

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Junker A., Knoppers B.M., Rahimzadeh V.
Title Streamlining review of research involving humans: Canadian models

 (2015) 52:8 J. Med. Genet., 566


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Author(s) Caulfield T., Burningham S., Joly Y., Master Z., Shabani M., Borry P., Becker A., Burgess M., Calder K., Critchley C., Edwards K., Fullerton S.M., Gottweis H., Hyde-Lay R., Illes J., Isasi R., Kato K., Kaye J., Knoppers B.M., Lynch J., McGuire A., Meslin E. [...] Zawati, M.H.
Title A review of the Key Issues Associated with the Commercialization of Biobanks

(2014) 1:1 Journal of Law and the Biosciences, 94

Author(s) Dove E.S., Knoppers B.M., Zawati M.H.
Title Towards an Ethics Safe Harbor for Global Biomedical Research

(2014) 1:1 Journal of Law and the Biosciences, 3


Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Avard D., Sénécal K., Zawati M.H., P3G International Paediatrics Platform Members
Title Return of Whole-Genome Sequencing Results in Paediatric Research: A Statement of the P3G International Paediatrics Platform

(2014) 22:1 European Journal of Human Genetics, 3

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Zawati M.H., Cohen E.
Title Special Issue - From Biobanks to the Clinic

(2014) 3:2 Applied & Translational Genomics, 21

Author(s) McGuire A.L., Knoppers B.M., Zawati M.H., Clayton E.W.
Title Can I be Sued for that? Liability Risk and the Disclosure of Clinically Significant Genetic Research Findings

(2014) 24:5 Genome Research, 719

Author(s) Thorogood A., Zawati M.H., Knoppers B.M.
Title Point-of-Care Genetic Tests for Infectious Disease: Legal Considerations

(2014) 12:1 Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, 43

Author(s) Zawati M.H.
Title There will be sharing: Population Biobanks, the duty to inform and the limitations of the individualistic conception of autonomy

(2014) 21 Health Law Journal, 97

Author(s) Zawati M.H.
Title Liability and the Legal Duty to Inform in Research

Routledge Handbook of Medical Law and Ethics (London: Routledge, 2014)

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Cohen E, Parry D, Avard D and Syncox D
Title Ethics Education for Clinician-Researchers in Genetics: The Combined Approach

(2014) Applied and Translational Genomics Journal,doi:10.1016/j.atg.2014.12.001

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Parry D., Thorogood A., Nguyen M.T., Boycott K., Rosenblatt D., Knoppers B.M.
Title Reporting Results from Whole-Genome and Whole-Exome Sequencing in Clinical Practice: A Proposal for Canada?

(2014) 51:1 Journal of Medical Genetics, 68

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Thorogood A.
Title The physician who knew too much: A comment on Watters v White

(2014) 21 Health Law Journal, 1

Author(s) Zawati MH
Title Éléments de la responsabilité civile du conseiller en génétique au Québec

in Anne Marie Savard & Mélanie Bourrassa Forcier, Droit et politiques de la santé, Chapter 9 (Quebec: LexisNexis Canada, 2014), 351.

Author(s) Zawati MH, Parry D, Knoppers BM
Title The best interests of the child and the return of results in genetic research: international comparative perspectives

(2014) 15:72 BMC Medical Ethics, 1


Author(s) Zawati, MH., Knoppers BM, Thorogood A
Title Population Biobanking and International Collaboration

(2014) 81 Pathobiology, 276

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Author(s) Black L., Avard D., Zawati M.H., Knoppers B.M., Hébert J., Sauvageau G.
Title Funding Considerations for the Disclosure of Genetic Incidental Findings in Biobank Research

(2013) 84:5 Clinical Genetics, 397

Author(s) Dove E.S., Knoppers B.M., Zawati M.H.
Title An Ethics Safe Harbor for International Genomics Research?

(2013) 5:11 Genome Medicine, 99


Author(s) Kirby E., Zawati M.H., Knoppers B.M.
Title Electronic Consent to Health Research in Canada

(2013) 91:2 Canadian Bar Review, 417

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Deschênes M., Zawati M.H., Tassé A.M.
Title Population Studies: Return of Research Results and Incidental Findings Policy Statement

(2013) 21:3 European Journal of Human Genetics, 245

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Rioux A. and Zawati, M.H.
Title Pediatric Research ‘Personalized’? International Perspectives on the Return of Results

(2013)10:1 Personalized Medicine, 89

Author(s) Knoppers BM, Dove ES, Zawati MH
Title Demystifying Biobanks

(2013) 43:5 Hastings Center Report, 4

Author(s) Sénécal K., Lévesque E., Fernandez C., Tassé A.M., Zawati M.H., Knoppers B.M., Avard D.
Title RMGA Statement of Principles on the Return of Research Results and Incidental Findings
Reference (Montréal, RMGA, 2013)

Author(s) Sénécal K., Lévesque E., Fernandez C., Tassé A.M., Zawati M.H., Knoppers B.M., Avard D.
Title Énoncé de principes du RMGA sur la communication des résultats de recherche et des découvertes fortuites

Author(s) Zawati M.H.
Title Biobanques destinées à la recherche: introduction et défis majeurs
Reference dans Actes: 6e edition, Journées d’étude des comités d’éthique de la recherche et de leurs partenaires (Québec, La Direction des communications du ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, 2013), 20-25.

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Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Zawati M.H.
Title Biobanks
Reference Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (San Diego: Academic Press, 2012)

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Zawati M.H., Kirby E.S.
Title Sampling Populations of Humans Across the World: ELSI Issues

(2012) 13:1 The Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics, 395

Author(s) Zawati M.H.
Title Les conseillers en génétique et les professions médicales et infirmières au Québec: des frontières brouillées ?

(2012) 6:1 MJLH 137

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Knoppers B.M.
Title International Normative Perspectives on the Return of Individual Research Results and Incidental Findings in Genomic Biobanks

(2012) 14:4 Genetics in Medicine, 484

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Rioux A.
Title Les biobanques et le retour des résultats de recherche : quo vadis ?
Reference (2012) Actions pour la santé et la recherché médicale en faveur des personnes vulnérables et des pays émergents - IVe Forum des jeunes chercheurs (Les Études Hospitalières, 2012), 283-294

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Rioux A., Hétu M. et al.
Title Rapport Final - Le médecin face aux nouvelles technologies dans le domaine médical: nouvelles responsabilités?
Reference Final Report, Canadian Bioethics Society's Pre-conference Expert Forum, 2012.

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Tassé A.M.
Title To Share or Not to Share? Secondary Use in Public Health Emergencies
Reference in Canadian Institutes of Health Research – Institute of Population and Public Health. (2012). Population and Public Health Ethics: Cases from Research, Policy, and Practice. University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics: Toronto, ON.

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Author(s) Cambon-Thomsen A., Thorisson G.A. and Mabile L. for the BRIF workshop group (including Zawati, M.H.)
Title The role of a bioresource research impact factor as an incentive to share human bioresources
Reference (BRIF workshop group: Andrieu S., Bertier G., Boeckhout M., Carpenter J., Dagher G., Dalgleish R., Deschênes M., di Donato J.H., Filocamo M., Goldberg M., Hewitt R., Hofman P., Kauffman F., Leitsalu L, Lomba I., Melegh B., Metspalu A., Miranda L., Napolitani F., Oestergaard M.Z., Parodi B., Pasterk M., Reiche A., Rial-Sebbag E., Rivalle G., Rochaix P., Susbielle G., Tarasova L., Thomsen M., Zawati M.H., Zins M.) (2011) 43 Nat. Genet., 503

Author(s) Joly Y., Koutrikas G., Ramos-Paque E., Zawati M.H., Gardy J.
Title Diagnostic Testing for Vaccinomics: Is the Regulatory Approval Framework Adequate? A Comparison of Canada, the United States and Europe

(2011) 15:9 OMICS, 597

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Harris J.R., Tassé A.M., Budin-Ljøsne I., Kaye J., Deschênes M., Zawati M.
Title Towards a data sharing Code of Conduct for international genomic research

(2011) 3:7 Genome Medicine, 1

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Zawati M.H.
Title De l'éthique et des avocats: les comités d'éthique dans le milieu hospitalier

in Éthique, profession juridique et société - Collection de droit 2011-2012, volume hors série, École du Barreau (Cowansville: Éditions Yvon Blais, 2011)

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Zawati M.H.
Title Population Biobanks and Access
Reference in S. Rodota, P. Zatti (eds.), Il Governo del Corpo: Trattato di Biodiritto, Giuffrè Editore, 1181-1194

Author(s) Ngueng Feze I., Joly Y., Zawati M., Knoppers B.M.
Title Genomic Population Biobanks: Legal, Ethical and Social Aspects
Reference (Paris, UIA, 2011)

Author(s) Ozdemir V., Pang T., Knoppers B.M., Avard, D., Faraj S.A., Zawati M.H., Kolker E.
Title Vaccines of the 21st Century and Vaccinomics: Data-Enabled Science Meets Global Health to Spark Collective Action for Vaccine Innovation.

 (2011) 15:9 OMICS,  523


Author(s) Ozdemir V., Rosenblatt D., Warnich L., Srivastava S., Tadmouri G., Aziz R., Reddy P., Manamperi A., Dove E.S., Joly Y., Zawati M., Hizel C., Yazan Y., John L., Vaast E., Ptolemy A., Faraj S., Kolker E., Cotton R.G.H.
Title Towards an Ecology of Collective Innovation: Human Variome Project (HVP), Rare Disease Consortium for Autosomal Loci (RaDiCAL) and Data-Enabled Life Sciences Alliance (DELSA)

(2011) 9:4 Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, 243


Author(s) Zawati M.H., Borry P., Howard H.C.
Title Closure of Population Biobanks and Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Companies

(2011) 130:3 Human Genetics, 425

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Hendy M., Joly Y.
Title Incidental Findings in Data Intensive Postgenomics Science and Legal Liability of Clinician-Researchers: Ready for Vaccinomics?

(2011) 15:9 OMICS, DOI: 10.1089/omi.2010.0137

Author(s) Zawati M.H., Knoppers B.M., Rioux A.
Title Guidance for Biobanks: Models of Consent for Public Health

Report submitted to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), 18 March 2011

Author(s) Zawati MH, Rioux A
Title Biobanks and the Return of Research Results: Out with the Old and In with the New?

(2011) 39:4 JLME, 614

Author(s) Zawati MH, Van Ness B and Knoppers BM
Title Incidental findings in Genomic Research: A Review of International Norms

(2011) 9:1 GenEdit, 1


Author(s) Zawati MH, Van Ness B et Knoppers BM
Title Les découvertes fortuites dans la recherche en génomique: une revue des normes internationales
Reference (2011) 9:1 GenEdit 1

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Author(s) Abdul-Rahman (Zawati) M.H.
Title La pharmacogénomique et la responsabilité civile des médecins
Reference Droit de la santé publique dans un contexte translational: IVe forum des jeunes chercheurs (Bordeaux Centre, Les Études Hospitalières, 2010)

Author(s) Abdul-Rahman (Zawati) M.H.
Title Key Ethical Considerations in the Development of Guidelines for the Biobanking of Human Biological Materials: A Discussion Paper

Report submitted to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), 31 March 2010

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Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Abdul-Rahman (Zawati) M.H.
Title Health Privacy in Genetic Research: Populations and Persons
Reference (2009) 28:2 Politics and the Life Sciences, 99

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Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Abdul-Rahman (Zawati) M.H.
Title Biobanks in the Literature
Reference in Elger B., Capron A., et al (eds), Ethical Issues in Governing Biobanks: Global Perspectives, Ch. 2 (UK: Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2008)

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Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Abdul-Rahman (Zawati) M., Bédard K.
Title Genomic Databases and International Collaboration
Reference (2007) 18:2 King's Law Journal, 291

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