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Author(s) Breden, F., Prak, E.T.L., Peters, B., Rubelt, F., Schramm, C.A., Busse, C.E., Vander Heiden, J.A., Christley, S., Bukhari, S.A.C., Thorogood, A. and Matsen IV, F.A.
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Title Human Cell Atlas White Paper: Ethics, Legal, and Regulatory Principles

(Oct 2017).


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Author(s) Thorogood A., Knoppers B.M.
Title Can research ethics committees enable clinical trial data sharing?

(2017) Ethics, Medicine and Public Health

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Author(s) Dyke S.O.M., Kirby E., Shabani M., Thorogood A., Kato K., Knoppers B.M.
Title Registered access: a 'Triple-A' approach

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Author(s) Global Alliance for Genomics and Health … Thorogood A, …
Title A Federated Ecosystem for Sharing Genomic, Clinical Data.

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Author(s) Sénécal K., Thorogood A., Parry D., Joly Y., Knoppers B.M.
Title Énoncé de principes consolidé du Réseau de Médecine génétique appliquée (RMGA) du Québec

(Montréal, RMGA, 2016)

Author(s) Sénécal K., Thorogood A., Parry D., Joly, Y., Knoppers B.M.
Title The Quebec Network of Applied Genetic Medicine (RMGA). Consolidated Statement of Principles

(Montreal, RMGA, 2016)

Author(s) Shabani M., Thorogood A., Borry P.
Title Who should have access to genomic data and how should they be held accountable? Perspectives of Data Access Committee members and experts

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Author(s) Thorogood A., Simkevitz H., Phillips M., Dove E.S., Joly Y.
Title Protecting the Privacy of Canadians' Health Information in the Cloud

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Author(s) Thorogood A., Zawati M.H.
Title International Guidelines for Privacy in Genomic Biobanking (or the Unexpected Virtue of Pluralism)

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Author(s) Thorogood A., Joly Y., Knoppers B.M., Nilsson T., Metrakos P., Lazaris A., Salman A.
Title An Implementation Framework for the Feedback of Individual Research Results and Incidental Findings in Research

(2014) 15(1):88 BMC Medical Ethics, doi:10.1186/1472-6939-15-88, 1

Author(s) Thorogood A., Knoppers B.M.
Title The ethical and legal duties of physicians in clinical genetics and genomics

Routledge Handbook of Medical Law and Ethics (Oxon: Routledge, 2014)

Author(s) Thorogood A., Zawati M.H., Knoppers B.M.
Title Point-of-Care Genetic Tests for Infectious Disease: Legal Considerations

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Author(s) Zawati M.H., Parry D., Thorogood A., Nguyen M.T., Boycott K., Rosenblatt D., Knoppers B.M.
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Author(s) Zawati M.H., Thorogood A.
Title The physician who knew too much: A comment on Watters v White

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Author(s) Zawati, MH., Knoppers BM, Thorogood A
Title Population Biobanking and International Collaboration

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Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Chisholm R.L., Kaye J., Cox D., Thorogood A., Burton P., Brookes A.J., Fortier I., Goodwin P., Harris J.R., Hveem K., Kent A., Little J., Riegman P.H., Ripatti S., Stolk R.P.
Title Supplement – Sample Generic Access Agreement

(2013) 31:5 Nature Biotechnology, 1

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Chisholm R.L., Kaye J., Cox D., Thorogood A., Burton P., Brookes A.J., Fortier I., Goodwin P., Harris J.R., Hveem K., Kent A., Little J., Riegman P.H.J., Ripatti S., Stolk R.P.
Title A P3G Generic Access Agreement for Population Genomic Studies
Reference (2013) 31:5 Nature Biotechnology, 384

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Thorogood A., Chadwick R.
Title The Human Genome Organisation: Towards Next-generation Ethics
Reference (2013) 5:4 Genome Medicine, 1

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Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Avard D., Thorogood A.
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Author(s) Thorogood A., Knoppers B.M., Dondorp W.J., De Wert G.M.W.R.
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