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Ida Ngueng Feze


Author(s) Ngueng Feze I., Dalpé G., Song L., Farber J., Goodridge L., Levesque R. C., Joly Y.
Title For the safety of fresh produce: regulatory considerations for Canada on the use of whole genome sequencing to subtype Salmonella

Front. Sustain. Food Syst., 08 June 2018


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Author(s) Dalpé G, Ngueng Feze I, Salman S, Joly Y, Hagan J, Lévesque E, Dorval V, Blouin-Bougie J, Amara N, Dorval M, Simard J
Title Breast cancer risk estimation and personal insurance: a qualitative study presenting perspectives from Canadian patients and decision makers

(2017) 8 Frontiers in Genetics 128


Author(s) Emond-Rheault J.-G, et al (including Joly Y., Ngueng Feze I., Song L.)
Title A Syst-OMICS approach to ensuring food safety and reducing the economic burden of Salmonellosis

(2017) 8(996):1 Frontiers in Microbiology


Author(s) Granados Moreno P., Ngueng Feze I., Joly Y.
Title Does the end justify the means? A comparative study of the use of DNA testing in the context of family reunification

 (2017) 4:2 Journal of Law and the Biosciences, 250


Author(s) Joly Y, Dupras C, Ngueng Feze I, Song L
Title Genetic discrimination in Quebec - A flexible and proactive approach to address a complex social issue

Policy Brief (Montreal: Genome Quebec, 2017)


Author(s) Joly Y, Dupras C, Ngueng Feze I, Song L
Title La discrimination génétique au Québec: Une approche proactive et flexible pour contrer un enjeu de société complexe

Document d'orientation politique (Montréal: Génome Québec, 2017)


Author(s) Joly Y, Ngueng Feze I., Song L.Q, Knoppers B.M.
Title Comparative Approaches to Genetic Discrimination: Chasing Shadows?

 2017 May;33(5):Trends. Genet. 299-302. doi: 10.1016/j.tig.2017.02.002. Epub 2017 Mar 30.


Author(s) Joly Y., Song L., Ngueng Feze I., Knoppers B.M.
Title Normative Approaches to Address Genetic Discrimination: Placebo or Placenta?

 SSRN, 2017.

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Author(s) Dalpé G, Kirby E, Ngueng Feze I, Tassé A-M, Knoppers BM, Hamet P, Tremblay J, Phillips MS, Joly Y
Title The Gatekeeping Function in Personalized Medicine Initiatives

 (2016) 14:1 Curr Pharmacogenomics Person Med, 36


Author(s) Joly Y., Salman S., Ngueng Feze I., Granados Moreno P., Stanton-Jean M., Lacey J., Labelle M., Dench J., Dove E.S., Atak I., Bellefleur C., Heinemann T., Langlais H., Love R.
Title DNA testing for family reunification in Canada: points to consider

 (2016) doi: 10.1007/s12134-016-0496-7 Journal of International Migration and Integration, 1

Author(s) Salman S., Ngueng Feze I., Joly Y.
Title Disclosure of insurability risks in research and clinical consent forms

(2016) Global Bioethics, DOI:10.1080#11287462.2016.1183442, 1

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Author(s) Lane M., Ngueng Feze I., Joly Y.
Title Genetics and Personal Insurance: the Perspectives of Canadian Cancer Genetic Counselors

(2015) 24:6 Journal of Genetic Counseling, 1022

Author(s) Ngueng Feze I., Salman S., Joly Y.
Title Implications for Health and Life Insurances and Other Legal Aspects of Genetic Testing

Movement Disorder Genetics (Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 2015)

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Author(s) Joly Y., Burton H., Knoppers B.M., Ngueng Feze I., Dent T., Pashayan N., Chowdhury S., Foulkes W., Hall A., Hamet P., Kirwan N., Macdonald A., Simard J., Van Hoyweghen V.
Title Life Insurance: Genomic Stratification and Risk Classification

(2014) 22:5 European Journal of Human Genetics, 575

Author(s) Joly Y., Kim R., Salman S., Ngueng Feze I.
Title The use of Genetic Information Outside of the Therapeutic Health Relationship: An International Perspective

Genetic Discrimination Transatlantic Perspectives on the Case for a European Level Legal Response (Oxford: Routledge, 2014)

Author(s) Ngueng Feze I., Joly Y.
Title Can't Always Get What you Want? Try an Indirect Route you Just Might Get What you Need: A Study on Access to Genetic Data by Canadian Life Insurers

(2014) 12:1 Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, 56

Author(s) Ngueng Feze I., Prystajecky N., Cook C., Knoppers B.M., Özdemir V., Dunn G., Isaac-Renton J., Joly Y.
Title The regulation of water quality assessment biotechnologies: Is Canada ready to surf the next wave?

(2014) 26:3 Journal of Environmental Law and Practice, 201

Author(s) Ragoussis V., Ngueng Feze I., Joly Y.
Title Sharing Genetic Information Online: An Exploration of GINA's 2.0 Frontier

(2014) 14:11 The American Journal of Bioethics, 53


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Author(s) Cook C., Prystajecky N., Ngueng Feze I., Joly Y., Dunn G., Kirby E., Ozdemir V., Isaac-Renton J.
Title A comparison of the regulatory frameworks governing microbial testing of drinking water in three Canadian provinces
Reference (2013) 38:3 Canadian Water Resources Journal, 185

Author(s) Joly Y., Ngueng Feze I., Simard J.
Title Genetic Discrmination and Life Insurance: A Systematic Review of the Evidence

(2013) 11:25 BMC Medicine, 1

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Author(s) Ngueng Feze I., Joly Y.
Title Droit, médecine personnalisée et pharmacogénomique : à la recherche d'une parfaite alchimie

Le droit, vecteur de la gouvernance en santé? Défis théoriques et enjeux pratiques (Sherbrooke: Les Éditions Revue de droit de l'Université de Sherbrooke, 2012)


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Author(s) Ngueng Feze I, Borda-Rodriguez A, Huzair F.
Title Not So Simple: Situating Postgenomics Personalized Medicine in the Regional Context in Africa for Global and Women's Health

 (2011) 9:4 Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, 332


Author(s) Ngueng Feze I., Joly Y., Zawati M., Knoppers B.M.
Title Genomic Population Biobanks: Legal, Ethical and Social Aspects
Reference (Paris, UIA, 2011)

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