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Erika Kleiderman


Author(s) Illes, J., Sipp, D., Kleiderman, E., Benjaminy, S., Isasi, R., Lomax, G., Master, Z., McCormick, J., Ogbogu, U., Ravitsky, V. and Robillard, J.M.
Title A blueprint for the next generation of ELSI research, training, and outreach in regenerative medicine

 (2017) 2:1 npj Regenerative Medicine, 21

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Leader A., Hume S., Shoubridge E.A., Isasi R., Noohi F., Ogbogu U., Ravitsky V., Kleiderman E.
Title Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy: The Road to the Clinic in Canada

(2017) 39:10 Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, 916  

Author(s) Knoppers B.M., Nguyen M.T., Noohi F., Kleiderman E.
Title L’ingénierie ciblée du génome humain: considérations éthiques et politiques

 Document d'orientation politique (Montréal: Génome Québec, 2017)

Author(s) Knoppers BM, Isasi R, Caulfield T, Kleiderman E, Illes J, Ogbogu U, Ravitsky V, Rudnicki M
Title Human Gene Editing: Revisiting Canadian Policy

 (2017) 2:3 Regenerative Medicine, 1

Author(s) Nicol, D., Eckstein, L., Morrison, M., Sherkow, J. S., Orlowski, M., Whitton, T., Bubela, T., Burdon, K. P., Chalmers, D., Chan, S., Charlesworth, J., Critchley, C., Crossley, M., de Lacey, S., Dickinson, J. L., Hewitt, A. W., Kamens, J., Kato, K., Kleiderman, E., Kodama, S., Liddicoat, J., Mackey,
Title Key Challenges in Bringing CRISPR-mediated Somatic Cell Therapy into the Clinic

(2017) 9:1 Genomic Medicine, 85

Author(s) Rahimzadeh V., Sénécal K., Kleiderman E., Knoppers B.M.
Title Minors and Incompetent Adults: A Tale of Two Populations

(2017) Neuroethics: Anticipating the Future  

Author(s) So, D., Kleiderman, E., Touré, S.B. and Joly, Y.
Title Disease Resistance and the Definition of Genetic Enhancement

 (2017) 8 Frontiers in Genetics, 40

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Author(s) Isasi R., Kleiderman E., Knoppers B.M.
Title Editing Policy to Fit the Genome?

(2016) 351:6271 Science, 337

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Author(s) Kleiderman E., Avard D., Besso A., Ali-Khan S., Sauveageau G., Hébert J.
Title Disclosure of incidental findings in cancer genomic research: investigators' perceptions on obligations and barriers

(2014) Clinical Genetics, doi: 10.1111/cge.12540, 1

Author(s) Kleiderman E., Knoppers B.M., Fernandez C.V., Boycott K.M., Ouellette G., Wong-Rieger D., Adam S., Richer J., Avard D
Title Returning incidental findings from genetic research to children: views of parents of children affected by rare diseases

(2014) 40:10 Journal of Medical Ethics, 665

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Author(s) McClellan K.A., Kleiderman E., Black L., Bouchard K., Dorval M., Simard J., Knoppers B.M., Avard D.
Title Exploring Resources for Intrafamilial Communication of Cancer Genetic Risk: We Still Need to Talk
Reference (2013) 21:9 European Journal of Human Genetics, 903

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Author(s) Kleiderman E., Avard D., Black L., Diaz Z., Rousseau C., Knoppers B.M.
Title Recruiting Terminally Ill Patients into Non-Therapeutic Oncology Studies: Views of Health Professionals
Reference (2012) 13:1 BMC Medical Ethics, 33

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