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Author(s) Boycott K.M., Rath A., Chong J.X., Hartley T., Alkuraya F.S., Baynam G., Brookes A.J., Brudno M., Carracedo A., den Dunnen J.T., Dyke S.O.M., Estivill X., Goldblatt J., Gonthier C., Groft S.C., Gut I., Hamosh A., Hieter P., Höhn S., Hurles M.E., Kaufmann P., Knoppers B.M., et al.
Title International Cooperation to Enable the Diagnosis of All Rare Genetic Diseases

 (2017) 100:5 AJHG ScienceDirect 


Author(s) Friedman J.M., Cornel M.C., Goldenberf A.J., Lister K.J., Sénécal K., Vears D.F.
Title Genomic Newborn Screening: Public Health Policy Considerations and Recommendations
Reference (2017) 10:9 BMC Medical Genomics

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Author(s) Bubela T., Reshef A., Li M.D., Atkins H., Caulfield T., Culme-Seymour E., Gold E.R., Illes J., Isasi R., McCabe C., Ogbogu U., Piret J., Mason C.
Title Enabling Advanced Cell Therapies (EnACT): Invitation to an Online Forum on Resolving Barriers to Clinical Translation
Reference (2012) 7:6 Regenerative Medicine, 735

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Author(s) Bentley L., Sherman B., Borges Barbosa D., Grau-Kuntz K., Basheer S., Purohit S., Reddy P., Visser C., Gold R., Joly Y.
Title Exclusions from Patentability and Exceptions and Limitations to Patentees' Rights
Reference (WIPO, Geneva, 2010)

Author(s) Gold E.R., Bubela T., Carbone J., Gagnon M.-A., Srulovicz T., Joly Y.
Title At the intersection of health and intellectual property: Issues, tools and directions for Health Canada
Reference (Health Canada Bioethics, Innovation and Policy Integration Division, TIP, 2010)

Author(s) Gold R., Joly Y.
Title The Patent System and Research Freedom: A Comparative Study

(2010) WIPO SCP/15/3 Annex VI


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Author(s) Gold E.R., Knoppers B.M.
Title Biotechnology IP & Ethics
Reference LexisNexis Canada Inc., 2009, 305 p.

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Author(s) Avard D., Bridge P., Bucci L.M., Chiquette J., Dorval M., Durocher F., Easton D., Godard B., Goldgar D., Knoppers B.M., Laframboise R., Lesperance B., Plante M., Tavtigian S.V., Vezina H., Wilson B., Simard J., INHERIT BRCAs
Title Partnering in Oncogenetic Research - The INHERIT BRCAs Experience: Opportunities and Challenges
Reference (2006) 5:1 Familial Cancer, 3-13

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Author(s) Finegold D.L., Bensimon C.M., Daar A.S., Eaton M.L., Godard B., Knoppers B.M., Mackie J.E., Singer P.A.
Title BioIndustry Ethics
Reference (New York: Elsevier Academy Press, 2005)

Author(s) Gold E.R., Joly Y. Caulfield T.
Title Genetic Research Tools, the Research Exception and Open Science
Reference (2005) 3:2 GenEdit, 1-8

Author(s) Gold E.R., Joly Y., Caulfield T.
Title Les outils de recherche génétique, l'exception de recherche et la science ouverte
Reference (2005) 3:2 GenEdit, 1-10 

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Author(s) Gold ER, Knoppers BM, Caulfield TA, Cloutier M, Carbone J, Joly Y, Sheremeta LE
Title Recommendations for Canadian Genetic Patents and Health Care: An International Comparison of Patent Regimes of Canada and its Major Trading Partners
Reference Recommendations for Canadian genetic Patents and Health Care: An International Comparison of Patent Regimes of Canada and its Major Trading Partners (Montreal: Centre for Intellectual Property Policy, 2004)

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Author(s) Caufield T.A., Knoppers B.M.,Gold E.R., Sheremeta L.E., Bridge P.J.
Title Genetic Technologies, Health Care Policy and the Patent Bargain
Reference (2002) 63:1 Clinical Genetics, 15

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