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CPG Centre of Genomics and policy


Located within the Genome Quebec Innovation Centre at McGill University, the CGP works at the crossroads of law, medicine, and public policy. Applying a multidisciplinary perspective and collaborating with national and international partners, the CGP analyzes the socio-ethical and legal norms influencing the promotion, prevention and protection of human health.

Currently, the CGP’s research covers six areas of genomics and policy: stem cell research and therapies, pediatrics, privacy, cancer, intellectual property, and biobanks (population genetics). These domains are approached using three guiding foundations: internationalization, policy development and knowledge transfer. First, CGP promotes internationalization by undertaking comparative analyses of policies and guidelines around the world. Secondly, CGP actively participates in the creation of international consortia with a view to promoting multidisciplinary policymaking. Finally, via the HumGen law and policy database, the CGP promotes knowledge transfer.

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