. CGP Centre de génomique et politiques CGP Centre of Genomics and Policy

CPG Centre de génomique et politiques

Projets de recherche courants

  • A Syst-OMICS Approach to Ensuring Food Safety and Reducing the Economic Burden of Salmonellosis
  • CE in Biomarker-Driven Clinical Research for Personalized Medicine in Cancer (Exactis)
  • Enhanced CARE for RARE Genetic Diseases in Canada
  • Framework for decision-making for rare diseases
  • GE3LS Network in Genomics and Personalized Health
  • Innovative Chemogenomic Tools to Improve Outcome in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
  • Integrative Epigenomic Data Coordination Centre (EDCC) at McGill
  • Integrative Epigenomic Data Coordination Centre (EDCC) at McGill
  • Multidimensional Epigenomics Mapping Centre (EMC) at McGill
  • Optimisation des approches thérapeutiques en soins personnalisés de première ligne (OPTI-THERA)
  • Personalized Risk Stratification for the Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer (PERSPECTIVE)
  • Pistes de réformes législatives en matière de parrainage familial: un consensus à établir sur les tests d’ADN dans les dossiers d’immigration
  • Predisposition, Prediction et Prevention du Cancer du Sein (PREVENTION)
  • Programme de Recherche et d'Innovation Sur les Maladies rarES (PRISMES)
  • Regenerative Cell Therapy Network (RCTN)
  • Research Advancement through Cohort Cataloguing and Harmonization (ReACH)
  • Réseau en soins de santé personnalisés-Q-CROC
  • Risk Stratification for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer: Development and Implementation of Communication Tools
  • Sino-Canada HeLTI: A Multifaceted Community-Family-Mother-Child Intervention Study for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity (SCHeLTI)
  • Sino-Québec Perinatal Initiative in Research and Information Technology (SPIRIT)
  • The Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds
  • The Cancer Genome Collaboratory
  • The gender specific efforts on prenatal adversity on the development of anxious and depressive psychopathology in early adolescence - the moderating effect of genes and early maternal care
  • ThéCell (Réseau de thérapie cellulaire et tissulaire) : enjeux socio-éthiques et juridiques des thérapies cellulaires et tissulaires
  • Treatment of Patients with Corneal Limbal Stem Cell Deficiencies Using Cultured Epithelial Corneal Autorafts
  • Projets complétés (archives)